When the ordinary becomes extraordinary

Published On: 2013-01-13

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When the ordinary becomes extraordinary

Source: TNN

Date: December 16, 2006


There can be nothing more gratifying than to see a man overcome his fear in order to take the big leap.


So, I am waking up a little late in the day. You've already gone and seen Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2 while I found the time to pick it only as late as last night. Yes, and even though you've been saying this for the longest time now, I want to put in my two bit too. I have no qualms in repeating what you've been saying all this while - Isn't he just the perfect visual delight for sore, tired eyes after an entire day's hard work? And the joy doubles, more so, when you look beyond all the hard work that the man has put into his (variously described as) death-defying, thrilling, out-of-this-world stunts. You know that in the end, the success of the film has been every bit worth that effort.


Think about it. With Aishwarya, Abhishek and Uday for company, what would it have been like for Hrithik to go roller-blading on busy roads, hanging between double-decker buses, rushing through tunnels (even if they were part of a set in Mumbai's Film City), go snow-boarding (which he learned in Dubai on an indoor artificial snow mountain), sky-diving, sand-boarding and walking on the top of a train simply because the stunt director asked him to or as they famously say in film circles 'the script demanded it'.


But do you seriously believe that? I mean, imagine an Abu Salem, a Chhota Shakeel or even a certain D (of D-Company fame) hanging by the side of a mountain from his fingertips faced with a gun-toting good-looking cop (a.k.a. KPS Gill or Daya someone or the other) engaging him in dialogue of all his past deeds and why he should be allowed to die (or not - as the script may dictate) right then? Or even exchange pleasantries at a bar like both our heroes did in D:2. Now, that would be funny. No wonder they refuse to get caught - thrilling stunts or none.


So beyond that, it is just about - the stunts on screen for the stars and willing suspension of disbelief for their fans. Think about the sheer trust it would have taken on Hrithik's part to simply say 'let's go' - of course, with invisible wires and other safety devices in place. One thinks it has more to do with overcoming reservations, inhibitions and a lot of times it's about the overcoming of one's fear in the face of adversity. Sometimes, it takes all your faith to say 'Yes' though every bone in the body may be screaming a big 'No'. And that is when the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. And if you ask me truly, that is when the fun begins. After all, there can (usually) be nothing more gratifying than to see a man overcome his fear in order to take the big leap. He spells nothing but success thereafter.