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Published On: 2013-01-27

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Men of the moment


Source: Telegraph India 

Date: December 27, 2006 


Screen On & Off Hrithik Roshan muscles out John Abraham in our SMS poll as the sexiest star of 2006. And Ash is the only lady in the Top Five... S for success; S for sexy... There are still some men around who don’t need to take off their shirts to tell the world how sexy they are. And Hrithik Roshan sure heads that special list. 

From the time he swayed to Ek pal ka jeena in Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai, he was oozing sex appeal from every pore of that netted bodyhugging number. Salman Khan, in whose gym Hrithik used to work out before his celluloid launch, says that Duggu did in two months what people take two years to achieve. 


And unlike Sallumiyan, Hrithik hasn’t flaunted his sculpted abs in every frame. But our readers, of course, have seen enough of Hrithik to crown him the Sexiest Star of 2006. With a whopping 44.2 per cent votes, the man of the moment is miles ahead of John Abraham, who had won the crown last year. It was Krrish and, more importantly, Dhoom:2 which swung things in Hrithik’s favour. 


While Krrish had Hrithik’s rippling biceps in slo-mo close-ups, in D:2 he looked born sexy. Will he win the Best Actor too and make it a hattrick (along with Best Look and Sexiest Star)? Watch this space


Even in a not-so-hot year for John Abraham, he has made it to this list without much of a sweat. After all, he did enough in Jism to win a lifetime membership to the sexy star club. This year, Bipasha’s boy has just managed 13.6 per cent votes but that’s enough to put him at Number Two on the Sexiest Star list. 


While John started the year with the surprise success of Taxi No. 9211, Baabul and Kabul Express haven’t exactly been JAbs vehicles like Dhoom. Even Water, where he is all dhoti and khadi, didn’t win an Indian release. But come 2007, all that might change with Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking which reportedly has John in the nude for a flash. 


Watch out, Hrithik Shah Rukh Khan, who was crowned the Sexiest Man in Asia by a magazine in 2001, obviously has competition five years on. But the King is still around and while he feels he is too old to change his smoking habit, he is not old enough to go missing from this list. And why not? SRK looked better than ever as Don and there are so many men around trying to perfect that stretch of the arms, Mitwaa style. With 2007 being all KBC, here’s bringing the sexy star home Abhishek Bachchan will sure take heart from this. 


He may have come fourth here but even that’s welcome after what has been quite a forgettable year. While his natural ease was overlooked in KANK, Abhishek was quite a disaster in Umrao Jaan. And in Dhoom:2, he got wiped out by good friend Hrithik. But knowing his bounce-back prowess, our readers are ready to back AB Jr. Will it be Guru? Will it be Jhoom Barabar Jhoom? Will it be Drona? Well, the man’s got plenty of options to show that he wasn’t a Bluffmaster! 


Keeping Abhishek company at the bottom of this Top Five pile is Aishwarya Rai. And that too as the only sexy lady on this year-end list! She may not have gone the bikini way, but Madame Rai’s mini skirts in Dhoom:2 — and maybe the cleavage peek in Umrao Jaan — sure did the trick. So much so that she’s got more than double the votes fetched by Bipasha, Kareena, Priyanka and Kangana, all of whom were more generous with their skin show