Hrithik Roshan's birthday dhoom!

Published On: 2013-02-16

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Hrithik Roshan’s birthday dhoom!


Source: TOI
Date: Jan 10, 2006

It’s party time for Hrithik Roshan. Dhoom 2’s success is only one of the things to celebrate — his birthday is the other. Yes, Hrithik turns another year older today. And he plans to begin this great year in a very quiet way. He’s taken the day off from work to spend time with his wife, baby boy and parents. Well, he did bring it in with his close friends and had a whale of a time. Well, the way the year has kick-started for him, we think the lad will be zooming high all year through. Here’s wishing him a ‘dhoomful’ of success, love and luck from all of us out here!


I'll be working, the whole day & night'

Source: DT 
By: Mandvi Sharma
Date: Jan 9, 2006

One would expect Hrithik Roshan to celebrate his birthday today in style, after all, the last year has been spectacular for this bronzed dude. "No partying for me. I will be shooting near Pune for the whole day and the whole night," says Hrithik, adding, "After all, if I have to be consistent with my performances then I have to work hard."

And it is with his focus on the future that Hrithik wants to start the 33rd year of his life. "At the same time, the past year has been a great one. An exciting one actually because most of my impossible dreams came true. I became the first Indian super-hero. In fact, I have been giving Hrehaan a Krrish ride in the house. But I am not carrying these victories into the next year. I am starting 2007 from zilch. I guess it should always be a fresh beginning."

Hrithik has also done a fair share of dancing this year. "Dhoom2 has made me dance a lot. So much so, at SRK's New Year bash, people made me do a jig on the Dhoom2 number innumerable times. In fact, I am quite tired of it now," says Hrithik with a smile. So, what is Hrtihik planning to gift himself on his birthday? "A wish that I deserve all the love and blessings that I have been getting so far."