Hrithik-His Own Leader, His Own Guide

Published On: 2013-02-20

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Hrithik - His Own Leader, His Own Guide

Source: Movies Talkies

Date: January 16, 2007


January 10 has always been a very special day for the Roshan family. It is the day Hrithik, the grand son of one of the greatest but entirely low profile music director, Roshan and the son of actor turned director Rakesh Roshan was born. January 10 is Hrithik Roshan's birthday.


The times have changed. Roshan has not lived to see the success of his son Rakesh as a filmmaker and more sadly he has not lived to see the heights his grand son has reached. He should have been alive to see all that has happened to his son and grand son who have done everything possible and even made the impossible possible and made his name " roshan" ( shining and famous ). The bouquets have been crowding " Il Palazzo", the posh apartment where Hrithik lived with wife Suzanne, there are new - new born son lived with Hrithik' s parents , Rakesh and Pinky. The telegrams and SMSes come in by the hundreds, hardly possible for one man to handle. The crowd outside keeps growing with every passing minute. Hrithik takes time off to wave out to them and the crowd (girls, specially) scream and swoon. They behave as if they have seen their best dream during day. All the radio stations and all the TV channels are going ga ga over the birthday of the young man who has been winning as if it was his birthright during the last decade.


Inside, Hrithik starts the day with a warm embrace from his wife and together they embrace their son. Hrithik seeks the blessings of his grand parents, Roshan and Irawati Roshan who passed away early last year. He then touches the feet of his parents and the celebrations begin. Hrithik has decided to have a very quiet birthday with his family as a tribute to his late grand mother. But, he is Hrithik, the heartthrob of the millions. It is difficult for a man like him to have a quiet birthday however hard he tries. He lives in the hearts of those who have given him a place which they will not allow him to leave, come what may.


He has to live up to their dreams and expectations. He tries his best to. He has to. He realizes, a truth that says that once you are a star you just do not belong to yourself or your family but are a part of a very large family spread across the length and breadth of the country and the world.


Every birthday is a special birthday for Hrithik because the year that has gone by has been a very crucial and happy for him and his family. The year 2006 has been very special for him. It started with the birth of his son which brought his family endless joy. It was a special year for him because of the new life he received after a near fatal accident during the shooting of some daring scenes during the shooting of " Krrish". Any other actor in his place would have met with certain death but Hrithik proved to be the real hero when he walked out without a scratch and went back to shoot the same scene without making any fuss or noise or even a murmur about the whole incident which was, infact, a major calamity which sent shivers down the spines of all those who were present and witness the accident. Then came the release of "Krrish" and the unprecedented success of the film at the box office all over the world where Hindi films were seen. Even as he was basking in the glory of "Krrish" he started shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker's "Jodhaa Akhbar" in which he is playing the young Emperor Akhbar with Aishwarya as Jodhaa.


Then even as he was shooting for "Jodhaa Akhbar" there came a blast of a release in " Dhoom 2". His personality, his physique, his daring exploits, his dancing and his kissing scenes with Aishwarya made him suddenly stand up as the only competition to King Khan if he had to think of competition at all. Hrithik had finally proved that he was second to none.


His performance made even a maker like Shekhar Kapur sit up and say if there was any Indian actor who could take on any challenge from Hollywood, it was this man Hrithik, It was an opinion that was shared by filmmakers, critics and the common man alike.


The year also marked his creating history when he was the first Indian star who signed a three film contract with Adlabs for a price no Indian actor has ever demanded and got- 36 crores! Just days before his birthday he worked out a plan to shoot the three films in 2008,2009 and 2010. Hrithik has always been a very choosy actor but this birthday he has decided to become much more choosy and not fall for any price offered by any bidder or buyer of stars. He has his own goals marked out for him and he himself knows how to go about them. He is blessed to be his own leader and his own guide and he knows he does not need any other light to show him the way he wants to go and he has a very adventurous journey ahead.