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Power List

Source: Filmfare

Date: January 28,2006

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Hrithik at No. 4 in the Power List


Hrithik Roshan

Rank Last Year: None

Title: Actor

Status Report:

- Because he was the best thing about Dhoom 2.

- Becasue Krrish did a whopping business of Rs. 65 crore solely on his histrionics.

- Because when it comes to dancing, stnts and emotions, Hrithik Roshan ka jawab nahin.

Strength: That endearing quality which has every woman between 6-60 lattoo over him.

Weakness: Still needs a big hit with atleast three outside banners

Yes its true: He's a true blue nice boy.

Filmfare Awards: 4.


Actors list. Hrithik at No. 3


Rank 2005: 5

Title: Actor

Status Report:

- For getting it right film after film.

- Because he's India's answer to Superman, Batman and Spider-Man.

- His appeal in Dhoom 2 cuts through all generations.

Strength: His expressive sea-green eyes, his made-to-order body, his top calss acting skills.

Weakness: Needs to move out of dad's shadow.

Yes, it's true: He works out religiously every day no matter how busy he is.

Filmfare Awards: 4



Rakesh Roshan at No. 5 in the Top 10 Directors list


Rank 2005: 5

Title: Director

Status report:

- For combining fantasy and science fiction and making it work.

- For bringing us a step closer to hollywood.

- For proving that Koi Mil Gaya wasn't a fluke.

Strength: He and he alone can get the best out of Hrithik Roshan

Weakness: Not looking beyond Hrithik Roshan.

Yes it's true: Years ago he was thrown out of his home because he couldnt afford the rent.

Filmfare Awards: 4




Rakesh Roshan at No. 4 in the Top 10 Producers list


Rank 2005: 3

Title: Producer

Status report:

- For giving the world an Indian superhero: Krrish

- For making sequels work.

- For pointing out that besides big bucks you need big vision as well.

Strength: His ability to provide something unique every time.

Weakness: Takes almost three years to make a film.

Yes it's true: He might merchandise Krrish in a comic book.

Filmfare Awards: 4