Hrithik Roshan’s epic body transformation in just 5 weeks. Here’s how he did it

Published On: 2023-10-17

Author: Medha Chawla

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Hrithik Roshan took to Instagram to share photos of his epic physical transformation he underwent in a span of five weeks.


Hrithik Roshan is one of the fittest actors in the Indian film industry. He not only works hard in the gym but also follows a strict diet under the supervision of fitness trainer Kris Gethin.


On October 17 (Tuesday), Hrithik shared photos of his fabulous body transformation on Instagram. The actor made a significant difference in his physical appearance in a span of just five weeks. The actor shared before-and-after photos in his new Instagram post.


The actor, who was beefed up earlier, can be seen flaunting abs in his latest pictures. Hrithik revealed he underwent this transformation for a role.


“I do this because my movie characters sometimes challenge me to look a certain way. And I love challenges. That being said, I don’t depend on one shape or the other for my own self-worth,” he wrote in the caption.


If you are wondering what Hrithik did to achieve this look, the actor did reveal a few things in his Instagram post.


Hrithik acknowledged that it wasn't easy, as he had to say no to important commitments, loved ones, social events and parent-teacher meetings as well. He also had to hit the bed by 9 pm. “It was the second hardest part,” he said.


Hrithik thanked his trainer Kris Gethin, and expressed that “having a mentor like him who one can follow blind” was the best part of his transformation. He also thanked his ladylove Saba Azad for her support. “Easiest part - having a partner who is likeminded in thoughts and action,” the actor wrote.


The star apparently underwent this transformation for his upcoming film 'Fighter'.