Hrithik 'Rambo' Roshan?

Published On: 2013-03-14

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Hrithik 'Rambo' Roshan?


Source: Times Now 

Date: February 14, 2007 


He's obsessed about his physique and his father has one of the strongest Hollywood hangovers in Mumbai, which makes our knowledge about Hrithik being the next Rambo, very believable. There is no official confirmation from the Roshans yet, but there is a very strong possibility of Hrithik being ‘Rambo 4’, which is totally in line with his father's constant larger than life vision - the vision which took more than a few leaps with Filmkraft’s superhero flick ‘Krrish’. If Hrithik playing Rambo turns out to be a reality, it will be his ultimate step to superstardom - a huge step up from donning the combats in ‘Lakshya’, but much in line with the image he tried to portray in the same film. 


The right platform 

The physical dynamics fit to the T but no matter how endearing Stallone is, Hrithik will score better in the acting department. “I think he's the only Indian actor who looks the part. He's fit enough and, after 'Krrish', this will go into another zone altogether as it's a Hollywood production and they'll spend the right kind of money to give it the right amount of backup,” opined ad film maker Prahlad Kakkar. For the record, Hrithik hasn’t exactly been running after Hollywood. He turned down a film opposite Jennifer Lopez seven years ago. While Sylvester Stallone gave a befitting farewell to the Rocky series with Rocky Balboa, it seems the Rambo legacy will be carried on and don’t be surprised if the future looks a bit Indian! 


Hrithik Roshan in ‘Lakshya’ 

“A lot of people, when they came into the theatres to see ‘Lakshya’ with me being the central character, I think, expected to see something like the second half of the film, something like Rambo,” Hrithik had said in an earlier interview. TIMES NOW called both Hrithik’s inner circle and contacts in Hollywood. While nobody was willing to spill the beans, our sources insist that Hrithik Roshan has indeed come very close now to getting his ticket to Hollywood. If it’s Rambo, then our desi superhero is surely flying first class. Highly reliable sources have confirmed that Hrithik is lined up to play the role of the Afghani boy who grew up to be Rambo’s successor. The news is that the film will be shot in India once Hrithik has completed shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker's ‘Jodha Akbar’. But does our man have what it takes to fill the formidable space created by Sylvester Stallone?