After Saif, Hrithik falls ill!

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Subhash K Jha

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After Saif, Hrithik falls ill!

By: Subhash K Jha

Source: Mid Day

February 22, 2007


After shooting round-the-clock for Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodha Akbar, flying back each evening to rehearse for the Filmfare Awards and shooting for an ad in Singapore, Hrithik Roshan is down with a severe attack of viral fever.

“I’m completely bed-ridden,” Hrithik said from his home on Wednesday. “I’ve been working round-the-clock shuttling between Mumbai and Karjat. Then I also took off to Singapore for an ad.

All the time, I had high fever but was keeping it down with Paracetemol tablets. Today is the first day I’m resting. Post Saif’s illness, I think we actors need to take care of ourselves.”

Lately, Hrithik has also became self-indulgent with his food habits. “I’d been working out really hard to tone up for Dhoom:2, so I decided to give my body a break. I splurged for a while, but now I need to get back into shape.

Therefore after shooting and rehearsing for my Filmfare performance, I was also going to the gym. On top of all this, Ashutosh (Gowariker) hadn’t warned me that we’d be doing sword-fighting sequences over the last 20 days when I was in and out of Mumbai and Karjat. All this has taken its toll. I’m completely exhausted and burning with a fever.”

Need a break

He brightens up while speaking about his role as Akbar. “I’ve enjoyed playing everyone, from Rohit in Koi Mil Gaya to Aryan in Dhoom:2. But playing Akbar is a different challenge, as it required a lot of researched attention.

The Urdu professor who called on location to check our accents is happy. He hasn’t been complaining yet, so I guess I’m doing it right,” says Hrithik, who is in no mood to sign another film just yet.

“At the moment, I need a break after Jodha Akbar. One has to learn to listen to the warning signals from one’s body.”