It's unhealthy at the top!

Published On: 2013-03-19

Author: Nikhila Pant

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Bollywood’s fitness report: It’s unhealthy at the top!


Source: Delhi Times 

Date: February 21, 2007 


First Amitabh Bachchan, then Shah Rukh Khan and now Saif Ali Khan… limelight takes a slow and steady toll on those it favours. Hectic schedules, arc lights, jet lag, negligible rest, hi-stress routines – probably the list will be enough to drive most of us to the doctors. And when it comes to the actors, add to the list stunts, numerous interviews, and promotional campaigns. No wonder, some of our top Bollywood actors are riddled with health problems. Vikram Kapoor, fitness trainer working with a couple of Bollywood stars, blames the hectic lifestyles, multiple shifts, different time zones and erratic diet for their failing health. 


“Despite being very conscious about their eating habits, sleeping patterns and fitness, most of the actors fall prey to illnesses. Some of them even carry their exercise equipments wherever they go.” Satyajit Chaurasia, currently the personal trainer for Hrithik, Aamir, Saif and many others, maintains that while an extra hour of cardio-vascular exercise may burn off the extra calories gained from drinking alcohol, there is no exercise to undo the effects of smoking, something that top stars like Shah Rukh, Saif and Salman are addicted to. 


“Fitness regime is like riyaaz, one should be very dedicated and focused. That is where Hrithik and Aamir score over others, even if that means exercising at 1 in the night.” In fact, fitness experts feel that actresses are more concerned about their fitness. And who is the fittest of them all? “Aishwarya, Bipasha and Rani,” are the unanimous choices. Kapoor has given kickboxing classes to Madonna and feels that international celebs are more aware about the kind of exercise that would suit their body type while the “Indian stars are just now realising its importance. There are some who still do try and skip their routines when they can.” 



Ailments: November ’05, he was admitted to Leelawati Hospital, Mumbai, to undergo a stomach surgery after he complained of pain in his abdomen. Bachchan is an asthmatic, and had earlier suffered from a rare muscle disease, Myasthenia Gravis Age: 65 Fitness regime: Circuit training with focus on abdominal exercises Movies in the pipeline: Eight Money riding on AB: Rs 225 crore 



Ailment: Suffers from back and knee pain. Underwent a surgery for his back in 2003 Age: 42 Fitness Regime: Hyperextension based exercises for strengthening the back Movies in the pipeline: Four Money riding on SRK: Rs 220 cr 



Ailment: Saif was hospitalised at Leelawati Hospital, Mumbai. He had experienced severe chest pains during rehearsals for a show performance. And if mother Sharmila Tagore is to be believed, Saif’s smoking habit did him in Age: 37 Fitness regime: More cardio-vascular and stomach exercises. He gets a 7 on 10 rating from his personal fitness instructor Movies in the pipeline: Three Money riding on Saif: Rs 80 crore 





Age: 33 Fitness regime: Circuit training, which includes full body exercise. He is known to be very dedicated to his health regime. He earns a cool 9 on 10 rating from his trainer Movies in the pipeline: Three Money riding on Hrithik: Rs 125 crore 



Age: 42 Fitness Regime: Circuit training, which again includes full body exercise. Aamir is very particular about his health regime, and makes sure that he gets time to exercise even if he is travelling or shooting. In fact, amongst the three Khans, he is said to be the fittest. A rating of 9 on 10 by his personal trainer says a lot about his dedication Movies in the pipeline: Three Money at stake: Rs 90 crore