Hrithik's short story

Published On: 2013-03-22

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Hrithik's short story


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: February 21, 2007 


The actor says he was only joking about Aamir and Salman's height on a TV show and the comment should be taken in the right spirit An off-the-cuff, joking remark by Hrithik Roshan about his colleagues Aamir Khan and Salman Khan has raised eyebrows across Bollywood. During the 'Rapidfire' round of Koffee with Karan, the Karan Johar asked Hrithik which of the two Khans, Aamir and Salman, would he like to work with. To this Hrithik, tongue firmly in cheek, observed there wasn't much of a choice since they were both of the same height! As audiences, we laughed a lot at that. But apparently the remark has not gone down too well in the more conservative sections of Bollywood who feel that Hrithik deliberately took a potshot at the two Khans' inferior height. 


"Come on!" Hrithik laughs. "If people really took offence to my spontaneous remark, then I must say we really lack a sense of humour. My comment on Aamir-Salman should be taken in the right spirit. I certainly didn't mean any disrespect to Salman or Aamir. In fact, after the comment on their height, my next statement was, 'That's the only department where I can score over them'. Aamir and Salman have such awesome talent. They're legends. It'll take me years to get anywhere near them." Karan Johar laughed too. "Surely even a perfectionist like Hrithik is allowed to have fun on my show. And the remark on Aamir and Salman was certainly not meant to offend. I'm amazed at how seriously we take ourselves in the industry," he said.