Hrithik on a roll

Published On: 2013-03-23

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Hrithik on a roll


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: February 24,2007 


We caught Hrithik Roshan perfecting his every step while rehearsing for the 52nd Fair One Filmfare Awards, 2006 When we read about Hrithik's illness in the papers just a day before his performance for the 52nd Fair One Filmfare Awards, 2006, we were wondering how the star would be able to perform. However, the moment Hrithik entered dressed in black body-hugging suit we forgot all our worries. Here was Hrithik with just as much Dhoom in him as ever before. The performances of the ace dancer went off brilliantly, with Hrithik getting the sequence correct in just one take most of the time. But the dancers of Shiamak's troupe were equally a dream to watch with vivid outfits that looked stunning on perfectly sculptured bodies. 


Hrithik reviewed each performance of his on the screen and only okayed the takes when he was satisfied. In one incident, he wasn't too happy with a shot and told the light guys to black out everyone on stage but himself. It was done the change in effect was dramatic! During another seqeunce Hrithik couldn't get his breakdance perfect as there wasn't enough friction on the stage. An assistant scraped the soles of his shoes with a knife to give him a better grip, but Hrithik would not perform till he had Pepsi. The Pepsi was brought, but far from drinking it, Hrithik poured it on the studio floor and stepped into it. The sticky nature of the cola gave him enough grip for a great performance! 


Hrithik's first performance was his trademark ' Ek pal ka jeena' from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, followed by 'Main hoon don', from Don. He also performed to 'Dhoom machale'. But 'Rock n roll soniye', which he has performed with kids was by far the most endearing. About 50 youngsters dressed in bright orange saris and black suits put their best foot forward along with Hrithik in this number. The associate sponsors are Bisleri and Ashrafi Finance. The television partner is Sony Television.