Stars of glow and glamour!

Published On: 2013-04-05

Author: Debasis Jana

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Stars of glow and glamour!


Source: India Target 

Date: March 12, 2007 


In the eyes of common people, the stars of silver screen are no less wonderful than any god and goddess of heaven. The stars cannot look gloomy and deglam – so thinks our millions of movie struck people. But not many know it’s the right angle which presents the stars so gracious. Here we have 10 top Bollywood stars under our spotlight to find the right angle from which they look so hot even sometimes they look what they are not in original. It’s an observation from a cameraman’s viewpoint. Stay tuned. 


Hrithik Roshan 

He is the quintessential perfectionist. He looks like a Greek god every moment and yet stresses about every cell in his body. He looks especially breathtaking when you light him in a Rembrandt-esque manner. He is pretty much the most perfect face in the universe.