Hrithik does a Krrish!!!

Published On: 2013-04-16

Author: Kunal M Shah

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Despite injuring himself, Hrithik continued to shoot for an ad film.


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: April 2, 2007 


The superstar hired a chopper to avoid delays and stayed in a five-star at his own expense Hrithik Roshan has taken his superhero role to heart. While shooting for an ad film, he injured himself but decided to continue shooting. With limited time off from Jodha Akbar, he had three days on hand for the ad film shoot and he made sure he met his commitments. Hrithik Roshan injured his ankle and sprained a muscle while shooting for the ad for a mobile phone company. However, keeping the deadline in mind, he hired a chopper to reach the venue in town and stayed back at a five-star hotel to finish the shoot according to schedule. 


Hrithik Roshan says, "Yes, I did injure myself while shooting but since I had made a commitment, I didn't think it would be right to abruptly stall the shoot. I took some painkillers to ease the pain and decided to continue the shoot." He further adds, "A campaign is not just about the artiste. It also involves hard work of a lot of people behind the scene and I felt that I could overcome the pain rather than delay the entire project." 


Dhiraj Soni, marketing manager of the product, informs, "Yes, we were shooting at Yashraj studios and he had given us about three days to shoot the ad. It was a photo shoot that displayed his energy and athletic prowess, when he sprained his back muscle very badly. He was obviously in a lot of pain. But, he took painkillers and finished the day's shoot. We were worried about the next day, but I appreciate his commitment to his job and his intention to finish, according to schedule. He came to the shoot next day which was at Mukesh Mills in a chopper and stayed in a five-star in town, so that he didn't have to travel and he paid for all the expenses. I genuinely appreciate his effort and his company Carving Dreams which left no stone unturned to finish the shoot as per the deadline."