Anything for a fan!

Published On: 2013-04-22

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Hrithik: Anything for a fan!



Date: April 27, 2007 


If you thought stars don’t have time for their fans, think again. Apparently, Hrithik is one actor who has a heart of gold in this case. There’s a story about how a woman walked up to Rakesh Roshan at a function and told him how much her son admired Hrithik, even to the extent of praying that he too gets six fingers like his superstar idol. 


Senior Roshan immediately gave her Hrithik’s number and asked her to call and make her son speak to Hrithik the next morning. What’s more, the next morning the filmmaker went out of his way and called the young boy and handed the phone over to Hrithik. Imagine the young boy’s joy when his idol advised him to drink a lot of milk, listen to his parents and call him up whenever he wanted, and told him he was welcome to come to Mumbai to meet him. Now even the young boy’s dad is a die-hard fan of ‘rockstar Hrithik’.