It's Italy for Hrithik after IIFA

Published On: 2013-05-01

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It's Italy for Hrithik after IIFA


Source: Indya 

Date: June 13, 2007 


Hrithik Roshan will not return to India along with his colleagues now that the Indian International Film Awards is over. He is now holidaying in London and then in Italy. The Most Stylish Actor of 2007 is expected to return in the last week of June to shoot for Jodhaa Akbar. A source close to the family said "the family has found it hard to go on holiday together in the past, so, they've decided to continue celebrating Hrithik's win as they have all found time this month." Hrithik Roshan was praised for his role in the film 'Krissh' which was one of the blockbusters of last year and now will adorn a totally different identity as Mughal emperor Akbar. 


Jodha Akbar is the sixteenth century love story of Akbar and a Rajput princess Jodhaa. But little did he know, the princess who was only a pawn in his game would turn out ot be the love of his life. Jodhaa changed Akbar's attitude toward their marriage and he started to treat her as his wife rather than as a political weapon. 


Hrithik is very happy with his performance as Akbar and is looking forward to its release. "But he is also anxious because he knows post Dhoom 2, the expectations have increased multifold", says the friend. "He wants to use this break to spend much awaited time with his family. He knows once the film nears the release date, he will be absolutely tied up with its promotional activities." 


Hrithik's deal with Adlabs has also come through. Three films in three years with director and co-star of his choice. With an income of Rs 35 crores. Then there's his father Rakesh Roshan's sequel to Krissh. Whew! With so much work, it's only natural that he would like to take a break from it all to spend time with biwi-bachcha.