Memoirs Of Another Day

Published On: 2013-05-12

Author: Geety Sahgal

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Source: Screen India
Date: September 21, 2007


One makeover which is truly remarkable! When I first set eyes on Hrithik Roshan he was assisting dad Rakesh Roshan on the sets of King Uncle and Karobar. Polite and soft- spoken he was moving around with a clapper- board in his hand, calling the stars on the sets, and not even hesitating to sweep the floor when it came to it. 


Lean and lanky, it was impossible to imagine him as the Greek God that he looks now. What did stand out in the boy was his sincerity, and unaffected manner. The star in Hrithik shone during the promotion of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Though the physical transformation was mind-boggling, his humility when he happily accepted Salman to be responsible for his bulging body was touching. 


The only thing he was a bit finicky about was when it came to which photographs of his should be published. Hrithik was very firm even then that only the best photographs be published. And despite the world drooling over his looks today he still gets very anxious when it comes to his picture and the only reason for which he could get angry with a journalist! 


Otherwise the superstar is still a delight when it comes to being amicable, in fact he is better than before. Though he needs a bit of prodding when it comes to talking about his personal life, he does open up now and then and has even told me about his first romantic dinner with Sussanne.