Hrithik wows his fans

Published On: 2013-05-14

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Hrithik wows his fans


Source: TOI

Going by the frenzy that he created at a city five-star hotel, you knew that Hrithik Roshan did not need magical powers to make the crowd cry out.

Veni, Vidi, Vici, said Julius Caesar. Three words that mean ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. But on Monday afternoon, the words were personified by none other than the Krrish of Indian cinema Hrithik Roshan. Tall, bronzed, lean and lithe, Hrithik looked every bit a Greek god. Going by the frenzy that he created at a city five-star hotel, you knew that Hrithik Roshan did not need magical powers to make the crowd cry out Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.

Men in black the security that is greeted us the moment we entered the room where Hrithik was going to indulge in some guftagu. And although, he was about 40 minutes late from the scheduled time, the moment he entered the room and waved a ‘Hello’, you knew the wait was worth it.

Without further delay, Hrithik was all set to serve and volley. It’s always nice to be back in Kolkata. My grandmother, Ira Roshan, was from here. This city runs in my blood. There’s always a deep affection for the city and its people. The right words at the right time what a shot that was. This was, of course, only the beginning.

On Monday afternoon, we discovered the witty side of Hrithik, too. When we asked him ‘How does the man Hrithik define the brand Hrithik?’ without batting his eyelids, Hrithik replied, Well, right now brand Hrithik is managing the man Hrithik. And as long as brand Hrithik continues to do that, I am a happy man. You could hear ripples of laughter in the room.

After a while the tete-a-tete veered towards the flavour of the season SRK’s six-pack abs. Does Hrithik feel that he’s inspiring Bollywood’s heroes to take to bodybuilding? It’s good that SRK’s sporting six-pack abs. He is looking good. But about me inspiring heroes well, if you say so, that’s nice. And before long, we also got to see the diplomatic side of the Roshan boy who gets inspired by ‘good

When asked which hero is his role model, Hrithik said, All the actors in Bollywood inspire me. Another ace. Next question, please. Which Bengali director is good? To this Hrithik replied, All of them are doing such a great job. It would be unfair to single out one.

Clearly, Hrithik takes his role of Krrish to heart a superhero can’t be unfair to anyone. Right? Before leaving Hrithik informs us that he is looking forward to his forthcoming release Jodhaa Akbar with Aishwarya Bachchan.

What about the ‘liplock controversy’ with Ash which created a Dhoom? To this Hrithik retorted, The media created the controversy, they should answer it. Talk about skirting the issue! Firm, crisp, candid. When asked about the three film contract that he has signed with Adlabs, Hrithik points at us and adds, I will let you know about it the next time I am here. With this, he winks and bids us goodbye. Here’s hoping that the wait won’t be too long.


Debonair duo has celeb Celsius soaring


Source: Telegraph India

- Sania plays Santa to five-year-old leukaemia patient, Hrithik charms with Bong connection

She in blue denims, figure-hugging white top, short black jacket and a new hairdo for the cool off-court look. He in blue denims, grey round-neck tee, coffee-coloured jacket and pointed sideburns for the Jodhaa Akbar look.

Sania Mirza and Hrithik Roshan — by common GenY consent, the two most attractive young Indians around — sent the celebrity Celsius in town soaring on Monday afternoon. If the tennis icon touched down for Sunfeast Open 2007, the screen hero was here for a brand endorsement.

By Monday evening, the 20-year-old star attraction shattered hopes of fans waiting to see her in action — but not before making five-year-old Jonathan Lalrohlua’s day.

Jonathan, a leukaemia patient, remains confined to his bed at the AMRI Hospitals in Dhakuria, with only the TV screen bringing a smile to his cherubic face. But when Sania played Santa on Monday afternoon, dropping in to wish him well, little Jonathan could not stop beaming. “We were so excited. She asked my son how he was feeling and gave him an autographed tennis ball,” smiled L.D. Parte.

The youth icon met two other cancer patients during a short visit to the radiation oncology department of the hospital. AMRI is the official hospital for the tournament that Sania will miss because of a wrist injury. “I am happy that she came to see me and I would like to thank her,” said Mahbubul Haque, Congress MLA of Kharba, undergoing treatment for prostrate cancer.

The hospital that makes it a habit of hosting celebrities passing through town was bowled over by Sania. “She is very humble and lent a human touch. And she seemed to be as popular as Shah Rukh Khan,” said D.N. Agarwal, executive director of AMRI.

Shah Rukh’s likely successor as Bollywood badshah, meanwhile, played to limited galleries at a star hotel. As the ambassador of an innerwear brand, Hrithik was all attitude (picture on left by Aranya Sen). “It’s always nice to be in Calcutta,” smiled Mr Debonair. “This place runs in my blood. After all, my grandmother (Ira Roshan) was from here. So, it’s easier for people here to love me and me to love them.”



Hrithik launches Rupa's new innerwear range

Date: Sept 17, 2007

Hrithik Roshan, the newly-appointed brand ambassador of Kolkata-based hosiery manufacturer Rupa and amp; Co Ltd, Monday launched its new range of briefs and vests, called MacroMan M Series, and said that he can identity with the brand on a personal level.

'I am excited to be associated with this collection. I can identify with the brand on a personal level, as it is everything that I am. When it comes to selecting my innerwear brand, I am very choosy and would settle for nothing less than brands which are attractive, stylish yet comfortable,' said Hrithik at the launch function.

'The letter 'M' to me signifies macho, mischievous and definitely male. The 'MacroMan M Series' is a brand which is all of them and certainly gives a good boost to my male ego when I wear it,' added Hrithik.

P.R. Agarwala, chairman Rupa and amp; Co Ltd, said he foresaw the brand becoming a 'truly global Indian brand'.