Hrithik keen on getting inked

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Tushar Joshi

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Hrithik keen on getting inked


Source: Mid Day

By: Tushar Joshi

Date: October 15, 2007


Stylist Gavin Miguel says the actor is keen on having a tattoo

Standing out: Hrithik Roshan


Stylist Gavin Miguel has worked closely with Hritik Roshan over the last few years styling, dressing him up for various shoots. 

“He has a huge international appeal and is truly one of the few actors who loves experimenting with his looks,” says Gavin.

Recently, Gavin styled Hrithik for the menswear brand John Players. Talking about it, he says, “Hrithik was totally involved in the shoot right from the conception stage. He’s some one who loves to discuss and ideate before beginning the shoot.”

Spunky look

Interestingly, one of the looks had Hrithik sporting a huge tattoo on his arm. Gavin says, “I wanted to give Hrithik a totally new look. It had to be something people would sit up and notice.

The tattoo added that spunk to his persona.” Hrithik was apparently quite impressed with the tattoo design and loved getting it done on his arm. “We first did an impression of it on a stocking before putting it on his arm.

There was no specific reason or significance about the design. But Hrithik found it quite cool and even discussed the idea of getting one for himself,” adds Gavin.

Get inked, duggu! Gavin Miguel

Adding that Hrithik has the right attitude to carry off a tattoo, Miguel says, “I think he should get one on his back.

It would look super cool.” According to him, Hrithik is someone who truly understands fashion as he puts it, “He’s well read and knows exactly what’s happening around the world. Also his inputs are valuable and knows what look works for him.”

At present, Gavin is working along with Anahita Shroff on the Abhishek-Priyanka starrer Drona.