Hrithik celebrates a quite Birthday

Published On: 2013-06-03

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Hrithik turns 34, celebrates a quiet b’day

Source: IBN
Date: January 10, 2008
By: Archita Kashyap 

Mumbai: It is Hrithik Roshan’s birthday today. The year for the actor who turned 34 started on a busy note. However, it looks like the Roshan family will only have a quiet, personal celebration. "Suzanne is planning something for me, she always does. So I will wait for it should be fun,” says Hrithik.

It is not just on his birthday but the superstar has been cooling his heels for a while, first in Australia and now here. And all that to recover from his many shoot injuries. "Sometimes we end up feeling we are heroes, you know we cant feel any pain, mard ko dard nahi hota but pain hurts!” says Hrithik.

But we guess the pain's worth it when you get paid as much as Rs 15 crores for a film, as that is what he is supposed to have charged for Jodha Akbar, was it true? "Badhega yaar, picture chal gayi to (It will increase if the film does well),” says Hrithik.

With Krish 2, papa Rakesh Roshan's next with Sonam Kapoor and a film planned with carving dreams production, the multi crore price tag doesn't seem to bother filmmakers, then again, a lot might change if Hrithik’s Akbar act doesn't work the magic in theaters.


Hrithik on AKbar Jodhaa


Source: TOI
Date: January 11, 2008

"I pretend it’s not a special day, but it never turns out that way," said Hrithik Roshan on his 34th birthday yesterday.

The SMSes began at midnight. Apparently he gets the maximum greetings in Bollywood. "I wouldn’t know, but yes, the love that I receive on this day is overwhelming," admitted Hrithik. The Jodhaa-Akbar star was up and about early. "I wanted to answer each greeting personally before Hrehaan got up," he said. But that did not happen. He was up as well and Hrithik was happy to give him all the attention. "Last year I had no time for the family. But my knee injury gave me a chance to be at home," he said. He needs to be careful currently. "No serious stunts and action scenes for a while. My body has served a warning. We sometimes tend to forget that we are also human and not superheroes we play on screen."

Though the charm of the golden era of Akbar is irresistible, Hrithik would never have wanted to be born as a royal back then. "Are you crazy? That armour those guys wore is enough to make that decision. I wouldn’t want to move around in that. I’m happy to have been born as me, Hrithik Roshan."

He celebrates his birthday by doing something associated with his work. "The night before was the launch of Jodhaa Akbar’s music. After that I went for my friend Ambika Hinduja’s engagement. Then I was home. Cake and the rest happened. Sussanne makes my birthdays special." And what did the birthday ‘dad’ wish for considering he’s dedicated this year to his family and son in particular? "Peace and happiness always!" he said.