Hrithik the super hero...

Published On: 2013-06-18

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Hrithik the super hero…


Source: Indiatimes 

Date: March 3, 2008 


Hrithik Roshan is fast becoming the face of the Indian super-hero... following the footsteps of greats like Superman, Batman and others. Hrithik’s film Krrish catapulted him into the media limelight and gave root to the Indianised version of Superman. Perhaps it all started with Koi Mil Gaya when he was touched by an alien and is this endowed with special powers. From that film, he took a step further in Krrish, consolidated himself in Dhoom 2 and finally ensured he became Hindustam ka Malik in Jodhaa Akbar. So is Hrithik indeed the superman of Indian cinema. Let our starting point be with his film Koi Mil Gaya. The film has Hrithik playing the role of a mentally challenged child. Jadoo enters his life and the transformation to Superhero soon begins. Remember the basketball match in this film. 


Slowly we see the muscles bulging, his posture becoming erect and his facial features making way to a very handsome man. The geek has been transformed to a Casanova. The next film has taken this phenomenon to another level.. Krrish. This is some what of a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya. The film shows Hrithik in true super hero form with hi-flying leaps and action sequences. Apart from this he has become quite similar to the western version of steel Superman. The only differences being that unlike Superman, Krrish can’t fly deflect bullets and neither is he affected by kryptonite. He has truly transcended in the film from being a normal individual to one of a higher race with supreme skills and powers to beat the competition. 


The film was so successful that the father- son duo is planning on making a sequel to the same film. If this comes true then we are in for a full series like the famous, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and who knows what other man. Hrithik became an overnight rage with this film and was on every girls list as hottest male. However, contrary to all that was said his father Rakesh Roshan never commented or complimented Hrithik on his performance. While on the other hand the critics, audience as well as other film makers were singing his praises. It was here that we first caught a glimpse of the Indian version of a super hero. Superman has to be a cool dude.. Hrithik in Dhoom 2 personifies that. 


His pairing with former Miss World Aishwarya Rai took this jodi to new heights. The fact that he can have negative shades added new dimension to his new heightened status. But it was as Akbar in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Jodhaa Akbar that the true magnificence of Hrithik can be envisaged. Hrithik as Emperor Jalaluddin Akbar looks absolutely larger than life. The film made by Ashutosh Gowirakar is today hailed as one of the best historical films made. Apart from this, the performance of Hrithik has left not only the audience but the critics as well spell bound. The notable fact with this film is that Hrithik played his role with such aplomb that we just cannot imagine anyone else of today’s generation who could even compare to his persona. It was like he put the jaan into Akbar. 


When the film finally released after being pushed back twice Hrithik’s father made it a point to watch his son’s film. It was the first time that papa Roshan had acknowledged his son’s performance as an actor. In an interview with us he said, “Today after watching Jodhaa Akbar, I can surely say that Hrithik is a really good actor.” Speaking about Jodhaa Akbar, the director of the film Ashutosh just recently told us that initially he wanted to promote the film by launching scale models of the characters especially Akbar’s. The only problem he faced was that Jodhaa Akbar didn’t have such a big fan base and would have totally relied on Hrithik’s image instead of Akbar. 


He further went on to compliment Hrithik’s performance in Krrish by saying, “for the scale model idea to work we need a film like Krrish. This is because it has a huge fan base, and also has chances of making a sequel and later on in time becoming an entire series. If this is possible then we sure have an Indian super hero in the making.” If that was not enough Dilip Kumar the legendary actor from Mughal-e-Azam said, “after watching Hrithik play Akbar I was reminded of my film Mughal-e-Azam and the role of Salim that I essayed, besides he plays any role to such perfection that he metamorphoses from being Hrithik playing a role to the actual character in the film going about as himself.” Well folks we have seen his films in which Hrithik though cast differently has managed to infuse the role with life that make it seem larger than life. And by the looks of it we can safely say that yes Hrithik is headed the Christopher Reeve way and will be the future Indian Super man.