Hrithik is a super dad: Rakesh Roshan

Published On: 2013-06-22

Author: Urvashi Ashar

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Hrithik is a super dad’


Source: TNN 

Date: 11 Mar 2008 


“I’m not bald, but shave my head everyday,” insists Rakesh Roshan responding to the first question about bald men and shiny pates. He lets me in on his ‘bald’ story, before going on to talk about Hrithik and his historical movie — another conquer of sorts for Duggu. And, people thought Hrithik did well only in papa Roshan’s films. “He proved himself in Lakshya, Dhoom , and now has done extraordinarily well as Akbar. His performance took me by surprise,” says Rakesh. 


“I knew Hrithik can fit into any role, but I wasn’t so sure of him as Akbar. I’m glad he waived off my uncertainty. Today, I proudly say that Hrithik is a good actor.” Busy raking in the moolah having produced and directed blockbusters, complemented with a successful actor-son, two lovely grandchilden, Hrehaan and Suranika, and with one more on the way, life seems to be as rosy for Roshan Sr as his naturally flushed cheeks. “There are moments and there are moments,” says the filmmaker, “You have the ups and the downs. Filmmaking is a labourer’s job. The energy and hardwork that goes into making a film cannot be fathomed.” 


Talking about the ‘downs’, not many know of Rakesh’s elder daughter Sunaina’s fight against cervical cancer. “She’s a fighter, today she is up and about helping me with the production of my film Krazzy 4 .” About how he coped with the unfortunate occurrence as a father, Rakesh says, “We Roshans are very family oriented. And, while she claims to have got her strength from the family, I got mine from there, too.” With the conversation having gone the ‘family way’, is Rakesh looking forward to Hrithik’s second one, and becoming grand daddy all over again? “You see, I became a father when I was very young, and now I’m a young grand father, too. It’s a good thing as you are constantly complimented with. You don’t look like a grandfather at all! So, yes, additions to the family always bring joy. 


More the merrier, I say!” How is Hrithik as a father? “Hrehaan looks more like Sussane,” informs Rakesh, “But, he is completely daddy’s boy. Hrithik doesn’t allow him to eat chocolate, and has explained to him that it isn’t good for him in such a way that Hrehaan will never go near one. Hrithik makes a great father. He isn’t strict or stern but has a knack of dealing with children. Offer Hrehaan a chocolate and he’ll say, “Chocolate na, daddy pat-pat!” laughs Roshan