Hrithik Roshan gets a ‘fan’ from Shaji!

Published On: 2013-06-25

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Hrithik Roshan gets a ‘fan’ from Shaji!


Date: 25 March 2008 

source: TNN 


Hrithik Roshan and Shaji Chaudhary — who plays Hrithik’s muh-bola bhai Adham Khan in Jodhaa Akbar — may have been arc enemies on-screen, however, off-screen it was a different story altogether and the two hit it off pretty well. And it was Hrithik’s sincerity and down-to-earth attitude that won him a fan, literally. Reveals Shaji, “I used to observe Hrithik carry a small fan around to keep his make-up from smudging on the sets. Always immersed in his work, Hrithik made a deep impression on me as an actor.” 


It was during this time that Shaji had to make a trip to Bangkok to shoot for another film Lahore. “There I came across a small antique fan in one of the shops. Hrithik immediately came to my mind and I got it for him. I was apprehensive about giving it to him though. But I finally did and he was so happy that he embraced me for a full 10 minutes. It was a great honour and my respect for Hrithik has increased manifold since then,” added Shaji. Well, Hrithik sure can do with some more fans, what say?