‘Do-able Daddies’

Published On: 2013-06-26

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‘Do-able Daddies’


Source: TNN 

Date: 24 March 2008 


Enough with the ‘yummy mummies’ of tinseltown, what about their better halves, who are just as yummy? Or yummier? No more eye-candy for the men, it’s now time for the female folk to revel in some unadulterated guy candy. Think of the rugged, bare-vested, shades-donning Saif Ali Khan in the promos of his latest movie. D-r-o-o-o-l. And the same Khan can turn up for the Filmfare Awards looking suave and sexy in a black suit, playing the perfect gentleman to his leading lady. Touche. 


Speaking of Khans, and hot ones at that, how can we forget the six-packed King Khan? Even at 40 plus, Shah Rukh Khan still manages to give the young guns a run for their money. His innocently cute dimpled smile perfectly complements his ooh-la-la six packs. K-k-k-k-korrect? Then there’s the other Khan, the newest do-able dad-on-the-block, Zayed Khan. The yummy youngster looks as cool with his long locks and unshaven avatar as he does with his short, gelled hair and clean-shaven look. Khantastic! 


But if it’s pure muscle power that turns you on, then Hrithik Roshan is quite a catch! With those light eyes and chiselled features, Hrithik can transform from a Mughal era king to a dhoom-a-licious muscular Greek God in minutes; his hip swinging moves only adding to the adrenaline rush. 


And when we’re talking about hot daddies, how can we leave Akshay Kumar behind? The bodylicious actor scores (and how!) whether he jumps from a building, fights the toughest of action heroes or does his delectable jhatkas and matkas. And also making his delectable presence felt in the league of do-able daddies is model-turned-actor Arjun Rampal. 


Good looks never go out of fashion for the hunk, eh? So, what do the gals from Bollywood think of these delectable daddies? "Bollywood is full of yummy daddies now, I’d definitely put Saif, Akshay and SRK in that category. What makes them more adorable is the fact that they are not just hot, but extremely cool too. And seeing these fun-loving men with their kids makes them even more sexier," feels Sophie Choudry. 


Amrita Arora, on the other hand, finds it difficult to pick her yummy daddy, simply because, as she says, there are so many of them! "It’s a tough call between Saif, Arbaaz, SRK and Zayed. It’s the entire package that’s appealing; besides being so dashingly good looking, they are such attentive husbands and fathers too," says Amrita. These hotties sure are do-able, kissable, lickable, smoochable, do-any-thing-you-want-with-them able, and the women sure aren’t complaining!