Dips N Curves

Published On: 2013-07-02

Author: Subhash K Jha

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Source: TOI 


After Hrithik, Shahid Kapur is the most accomplished male dancer in Bollywood When Sridevi did her best dance number Kaate Naahin Kat Te, she was burning with fever.When Big B did one of his best Khai Ke Paan, he had blisters on his soles and took injections between shots. Hrithik’s fave dance track could well be Knee Main Yaar Manana Knee. He’s performed one of his sleekest dance numbers for dad’s Krazzy 4 with an acutely painful knee! 


We’ve had fantastic female dancers. But who’s the best male dancer we’ve ever had? Hrithik’s flawless for sure. No one today can dance like him, except Prabhu Deva who’s as flexible but lacks the magnetism. Hrithik ENJOYS dancing. But that sense of enjoyment gets submerged in the pursuit of perfection.The day he blends perfection with pleasure, he will be the best dancer in the world. Like Michael Jackson. Some self-appointed superstars say they find Hrithik tooooo perfect. Oh, hush.Too perfect is like too beautiful.You can’t have too much of perfection.What Latajihas in her throat, Hrithik has it in his feet.And to think he was suffering from a painful knee just days before he shook and shimmied for the Krazzy 4 dance. 


Hrithik not just danced but also helped edit the dance.“I was so apprehensive about it.Thank god, it’s come out right,” he sighs. As his gig climbs the charts, I think back to some other nimble-footed dancers... How about Kishore Kumar? He could bring a zest for the crest into the most improvised dance movements. Or Govinda...And wasn’t it amazing the way Salman kept pace with Govinda in Partner? Salman is the most underrated dancer of the film industry. He never takes himself seriously. But that doesn’t mean we do the same.


After Hrithik, Shahid Kapur is the most accomplished male dancer in Bollywood. Again, those of his colleagues who can’t match his flawless cascade of rhythmic movements accuse him of not enjoying his dance! Why is the quest for perfection such a gaali? Are our movies so mired in mediocrity that anyone who goes seriously beyond the bland rocks the boat too hard? Not speaking proper Hindi, not rehearsing your lines (to preserve the spontaneity, as it were!), not getting your dance steps right (“Yaar, I’m not a bhand!”) are considered virtues. Getting it just right is a disease we all would like to avoid.