What's in Vogue?

Published On: 2013-07-09

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What's in Vogue? Hrithik, Bipasha heat things up


Source: CNN IBN 


Hrithik Roshan's always been known for his sense of style, so it is no wonder that he's now on the cover of fashion magazine Vogue known to be exclusively for men. "It's a paradox of sorts because I am not conversant with fashion at all. I hope they know what they're doing. They have me on the cover,” says Hrithik. However, the actor who's known to be a sharp dresser doesn't care too much for the style icon tag. "I get away with some help from friends in the fashion industry,” says the actor. 


Meanwhile, the girls feel otherwise. Bipasha Basu as the cover girl for the summer issue, there is a lot of eye candy in store for the readers. “I don’t really care about competition. However, having a good looking guy walking up and down and getting to see him so often, is a treat,” says Bipasha. 


The Editor of Vogue India, Priya Tanna is certainly all praises for Hrithik. “He has been stylish right from the start. No matter if his movies do well or they don’t, people have always noticed him and given him attention,” says Priya. For Bipasha, the shoot was a step back into her modeling days. “It is always great to be modeling,” says Bipasha. With two of the best lookers in Bollywood making it to the cover of the fashion bible, it is certainly a double whammy for all serious followers of fashion this summer.