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Published On: 2013-07-15

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Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: May 8, 2008 


Hrithik Roshan and wife Sussane have named their second son Hridhaan, meaning 'great heart' Hrithik Roshan and Sussane's six-day-old son has been named Hridhaan. The atmosphere at the Khan household is a happy one as Sussane came home with the baby yesterday. Says grandfather Sanjay Khan, “Hrithik and Sussane's bundle of joy is called Hridhaan. The name means 'great heart'. By God's grace, both mother and baby are doing fine.” 


Speaking about Hrehaan's reaction to his baby brother, he says, “Hrehaan is extremely fascinated and curious about his little brother. He is very protective about the baby and keeps telling everyone to look after him.” Sussane and Hrithik have given names to both their children which are a combination of their own names. Hrehaan which means God's chosen one is an Indian variation of the name Rehan, which is originally Arabic, meaning 'fragrant one'. Hridhaan is an Indian name meaning 'great heart'. Sussane, which is a French name, means Lily while Hrithik which is Indian name means 'from the heart'.


What the names Hrehaan and Hridhaan mean 


Susaane and Hrithik have christened both their children with unique names which are a combination of their own names. 


Hrehaan: It is the combination of Hrithik and Susanna's names. It means God's Chosen One. Numerically, it adds upto 1 and that means Hrehaan has an independent streak him and is a good leader. His Inner Dream number is 3 making him good at artistic ex-pression, painting and writing. Hrehaan is an Indian variation of Rehan, with Arabic and Hebrew origins meaning 'fragrant one'. 


Hridhaan: A very unique name, it means 'great hearted'. The name adds upto 9, making him selfless, giving and creative. His Inner Dream number is 7 making him someone with a great yearning for learning and knowledge. The origin of the name is Indian. The meaning of Suzanne a French name is Lily while Hrithik's name means 'from the heart' and is Indian in origin.