When Hrithik got jiggy with it!

Published On: 2013-07-18

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When Hrithik got jiggy with it! The participants of this reality show were in for a surprise when the Bollywood hunk walked in and even shook a leg, BT reports Time: 11 am to 12 pm of NDTV Imagine’s Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka. Location: ND Studios, Karjat, Actors: Hrithik Roshan, Ila Arun, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Anand Raaj Anand and participants, Director: Gajendra Singh It’s a bright sunny day at the ND Studios in Karjat where it’s the first day of the shoot for a new musical talent-hunt show called Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka for NDTV Imagine. 


Produced and directed by Gajendra Singh, a maestro who has successfully belted out several such shows in the past, the show has three groups performing on three genres, viz, Sufi, folk and Bollywood music and it’s the genre that will be judged, not the singers. It being the first shoot of the first episode, there’s a flurry of activity as Gajendra is giving last minute instructions; the participants are rehearsing and dolling up while trying to quell their anxiety with boosters from relatives who have accompanied them and the mentors are having a spirited discussion with Annu Kapoor about music and its beauty. 


Talk about being involved! COMPILED BY RESHMA S KULKARNI For Ustad Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, the upholder of the mellifluous Sufi genre of music, it’s the first time that he is judging a reality show and that too in India, a stint that he says, “I’m looking forward to; not only because I’ll be able to mentor youngsters who are training in Sufi music but also because I will be able to hear singers who are equally good in other genres. It’s a double treat!” he says leafing through a book to hide his nervousness. “Yes I’m a bit nervous; it’s quite a task to judge like this” he smiles adding, “but I also love to read and since I don’t get much time to indulge in this pleasure, I thought, why not make the most of this time?” 


Meanwhile, on the sets, it’s time for the customary puja to pray for an auspicious beginning; for which, the participants, mentors and audience members have been called after having a sumptuous lunch, to attend The puja done with, it’s time for the cameras to start rolling, which do with an opening sequence of the entry of the three groups with their mentors. The Sufi group looks ethereal in white; while the folk one looks rustic and vibrant in colourful outfits. The Bollywood group’s entry is made dashing with bikes et al being brought on stage. 


Hrithik then proceeds to interact with the performers. He chats with them, guides them and boosts their confidence. Hrithik is completely besotted by the young singer Ashraf and can’t get over the way he speaks! He bursts into laughter every time he had to pose with Ashraf who screams “Aactionnn! Chalo Everyone Smilee Please” . 


There’s an emotional moment when Ashraf suddenly bends down to take Hrithik’s blessings! The shoot is proceeding rhythmically till late evening after which….there’s suddenly a lot of hustle-bustle and then….a blast of excitement…It’s none other than the heart-throb Hrithik Roshan who appears on the stage and elicits taalis and seetis galore! “We didn’t know Hrithik was going to be here; hope I get an autograph or better still, a picture with him!” are the comments being heard backstage. 


Meanwhile, Hrithik, who is the goodwill ambassador for the show and is here to lend support to the performers, grooves to songs from each genre, beginning with Khwajaa (Sufi), Bhumro (folk) and Break Free (Bollywood). The set reverberates with applause as he sets the stage on fire with his wow moves after which he gives a small speech saying “I relate to the junoon of these performers because I too have it in me to give the best to anything I do!”