Hrithik's floored by a Delhi fan

Published On: 2013-07-25

Author: Mandvi Sharma

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Hrithik’s floored by a Delhi fan

Source: TOI
Date: July 20, 2008

Hrithik Roshan, who was in Delhi recently, met a diehard fan of his during the visit. The young admirer showed him a scrapbook full of the photographs that he has been collecting for years. The book had photographs that trace the journey of the actor since he started his career in Bollywood. Looking pleasantly surprised, Hrithik exclaimed, “I myself don’t remember what I used to look like when I started my stint with the industry. I am completely floored by the effort that must have gone into making such an exhaustive compilation of photographs.”

What caught our attention was the blue bandage on the actor’s right wrist and hand. The actor who had recently undergone a knee surgery, revealed, “ Arre, you know me na, just got hurt while shooting.” Though his wrist will get better soon, Hrithik will not be seen doing the superb dance that he does quite often because of his knees.

Hrithik is in the US currently, where he is shooting for his next film, Kites, directed by Anurag Basu. Delhi-based designer Suneet Varma is styling Hrithik’s look for the film. “Hrithik is superb to work with. He is highly professional and very particular about his looks and styling,” said Suneet. We are sure the Delhi touch will stay with the actor for a long time!