Hrithik plays nanny to his kid

Published On: 2013-07-31

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Hrithik plays nanny to his kids

Source: Buzz 18
Date: August 12, 2008

The actor spent time with kids before leaving for the shooting of Kites

Hrithik Roshan is definitely the perfect Papa. Just sometime back we heard that the nanny at his house had gone on leave...and guess who was filling in for her. Well, it was none other than the macho man Hrithik himself. The actor spent quality time with kids before leaving for the shooting of Kites. [Hrithik refuses Bhansali's next]

Since wife Suzanne had her hands quite full with baby Hridaan, Hrithik pitched in. And no one seemed to complain. The kids Hrehaan and Hridaan were only too happy to get their daddy dearest all to themselves for some time. Now that's what we call the PERFECT PAPA. What say?


Hrithik plays the perfect papa to his kids

Source: Zee News
Date: August 14, 2008

Hrithik Roshan is not only exceptional on professional front but on personal front also. The B-Town knows of his dedication to wife Susanne, but recently he showed his sweet fatherly side, which was truly touching.

Grapevine has it that the nanny to Hrithik’s kids Hrehaan and Hridaan had gone on leave, and the household was in a jeopardy, when Hrithik pitched in. Only after spending quality times with his kids, did the actor leave for the shooting of ‘Kites’.

While momma Suzanne took care of baby Hridaan, papa Hrithik took up the responsibility of keeping Hrehaan in high spirit. And what a happy household sight it was!

Now that’s what we call the perfect family man.