What happens in Vegas...

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Subhash K Jha

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What happens in Vegas...

Source: Mid Day

Date: Oct 11, 2008

By: Subhash K Jha



By now, the state of Hrithik Roshan's knee is well-known. From being severely injured to going in for a surgery to correct the problem, his knee has been the subject of much discussion.


Cause for concern


Says one of Hrithik's female colleagues, ""Duggu's knee is a cause for great concern for him and for his entire family. The doctors told him he would never dance again. After his second son was born, Duggu went for surgery to the US and spent nearly two months recovering. He was determined to let it heal properly because Kites requires considerable athletic movement. Hrithik didn't take one wrong step until he left to shoot for the film in the US.""


Everything went smoothly until the final week of shooting in Las Vegas when Hrithik injured his sensitive knee again. Says a source, ""There was panic. He was in considerable pain and unable to move. And since there was just a few days' shooting left, director Anurag Basu wondered what they would do.""


Up and about


When contacted, Hrithik tells an even more serious tale of injury. ""I hurt myself while jumping from a car. It looked really bad. The doctor said my knee would require eight weeks of healing. He said I'd be limping on crutches for at least two weeks.""


But three days after the injury, the actor had a miraculous recovery. He says, ""It is the third day after the accident. And I'm already running on my 'injured' knee. So it's all fine.""


But the recurring problem with his knee refuses to go away.