Bollywood Bond's with the best!

Published On: 2013-08-17

Author: Afsana Ahmed

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Bollywood ‘Bonds’ with the best


Source: TNN 

Date: 7 Nov 2008 


Daniel Craig is back, as James Bond. And reams of newsprint is being spent on deciding who’s been the best 007 so far. Craig tops everybody’s list, though some oldtimers reckon there was nobody like Sean Connery. Craig’s predecessor and Connery’s successor, Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moor respectively, tie for third slot. Then comes Timothy Dalton. And hardly anybody remembers George Lazenby who did just one film as Bond. BT shot down all lists to create its own... of desi James Bonds. We asked Bollywood who would fit Bond’s shoes and tux best... and came up with this role call for 007. 


Sanjay Gupta: Shah Rukh Khan, he’s got all it takes. He’s superbly fit and in great shape. He is suave and looks great in a tuxedo. And, most importantly, he has the lady killer charisma and attitude. 


Sanjay Gadhvi: Akshay Kumar, he’s good looking, charming, and does action and stunt scenes himself. Bond also symbolises goodness over evil. And I always had this impression of Akshay being like that. 


Bunty Walia:Sanjay Dutt, he has the persona, charm and looks that could kill. 


Imtiyaaz Ali: Hrithik Roshan, he looks suave. And, he looks like the kind of guy who can keep secrets. 


Sunil Darshan: Hrithik is cool and classic... but John has an undeniable screen presence... well, actually even Amitabh Bachchan offers stiff competition! 


Apoorva Lakhia: Abhishek Bachchan, he has class, good taste, he speaks the Queen’s English, and can seduce any woman he wants. Also, he has that subtle but dangerous look in his eyes and — best of all, Abhishek already has better cars and gadgets than James Bond! 


Vikram Bhatt: Saif Ali Khan, he has an inborn classy aura, lot of panache and style. Also, he is a charmer and has a great effect on women. 


RajKumar Santoshi: Hrithik, he’s got a striking personality, and a sculpted body made for James Bond kind of films. 


Madhur Bhandarkar : Hrithik, besides charm, looks, great body, style and panache, he also has James Bond’s expressive eyes! 


Subhash Ghai: Salman Khan, he has the perfect face, great body, does super action and is a magnet among babes.