Hrithik and Sussanne -- The perfect match!

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hot couple Suzanne and Hrithik let their hair down for some camera-die


Source: Zee News

Date: November 13, 2008


Always known to be fiercely possessive of their privacy, Bollywood's real-life ‘it’ couple Hrithik Roshan and his charismatic wife Suzanne Roshan let their guard down for their first photo shoot ever.

The gorgeous twosome, who has been together for thirteen long years, finally gave in to the umpteen pleas of fad magazine ‘Hello’ for an exclusive photo shoot. And going by the striking chemistry that this real-life couple shares, it seems that the mag’s efforts has finally paid off.

Dressed in a fabulous creation by designer Suneet Verma the ever-so-gorgeous and camera shy Suzanne posed effortlessly for the lens, striking some of the dishiest poses.

The mother of two flirted with the lens as she flaunted her perfectly shaped hip toned figure. And if Suzanne was not enough to send the temperatures soaring, her uber dashing hubby joined her for that extra edge.

A photographer’s delight to say the least, together they personified the word ‘picture perfect’.


Hrithik and Suzanne -- The perfect match
Source: Zee News
Date: November 13, 2008

She might be married to a superstar but one look when you see them together and you knwo that for Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne is the star of the show. 13 years is not a short period and it's hard to believe that the striking couple have been together for over a decade -- the chemistry is so fresh, their affection for each other so apparent and so alive.

Suzanne, "there is good and bad to everything, so even in a relationship or when your married, there are ups and downs, and that's what's exciting, otherwise there is nothing exciting, it will be boring. But that's life and you have to keep moving. I dont think that I can ever get cynical about relationships because the two, enjoy the good moments and feel sad about the sad moments. I think it's a part of everyones life.

Hrithik who ambles into the shoot mid way is totally supportive of his wife's decision to go so public. "Suneet Varma was there at home and they were trying clothes and I was giving my take and suddenly he poped the question and he said why don't you also come along and I said, ya why not," said Hritik.

Suneet, "Today in the morning when I was doing her fittings, hritik was lounging around in the house and he said arrey, your doing a shoot with my wife and not me, and I said, well I didn't know if you wanted to do the shoot or not, and he said arrey, well you should have asked me. I said ok come then, he said ok, I'm coming."

And when they pose for the lens, it's pure magic they look unbelieveably good together and the vibes are are real the chemistry is real making you wish they do this more often.

Suneet, "Have you noticed she feels alive, she looks exuberant, she's laughing. She is full of love and romance when he is around. And I think it makes sense, the chemistry looks good together. it sort of makes sense to have them together.

Ruchika, "The chemistry, is flaming, it just comes to them, you can see how they are in love with each other, and they are real pals, and that's the best part of them.

Hrithik and Suzanne make a beautiful team both gorgeous both successful, for once a happily ever after seems real.