Star struck!

Published On: 2013-08-27

Author: Subhash K Jha

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Star struck!


Source: TOI 

Date: 26 Nov 2008 


What do you know, superstars also have heroes they look upto! And in Hrithik Roshan’s case, it is Hollywood legend Robert de Niro, star of such hit films as Taxi Driver, Midnight Run, Godfather II, The Untouchables and Raging Bull. They met in Dubai, the famous stamping ground of the Who’s Who of Hollywood and Bollywood, where a new deluxe hotel was inaugurated over the weekend. 


De Niro, who Hrithik absolutely idolises, asked the Bollywood hunk to make him a drink. “It wasn’t as easy as it sounds,” admitted Hrithik, “for de Niro at some stage of his life was a bartender, he knows his drinks, and the recipe for what he wanted that night ran into two pages. I had to take the help of five waiters to mix it for him!” But Hrithik’s reward was the time the Hollywood actor then spent with him. 


According to Hrithik, he almost never went for the event. “Shah Rukh Khan and I decided we wouldn’t go. But our wives took off. And when Gauri and Sussanne got to Dubai and told us to join them there, we had no choice,” revealed Hrithik. He said Shah Rukh, Farhan Akhtar and he greeted de Niro by touching his feet. 


Hrithik also bonded with Hollywood bad guy and action man Wesley Snipes. “He’s cool, we exchanged fitness secrets and spoke about the best places in the world to party. He’s particular about his workouts. Even after partying all night, Wesley was at the gym the next morning,” said Hrithik. 


The Bollywood superstars are busy making DVDs of their best works to send to all new friends in Hollywood. Hrithik said he intends sending Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Krissh and Jodhaa-Akbar. “My son thinks I’m superman,” he said, “hopefully Robert de Niro will accept that I’m an actor, too.”