Hrithik baby. shall we dance?

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Khadija

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Source: Cineblitz

Date: December 2008

Typed By: Khadija


You can keep your salsa, over cha-cha, I won't linger. Just get me a dancing date with this tot & his daddy gr8 Hrehaan & Hrithik, give a gal a chance, ya.


Ever since I heard about Riveting Hrithik & his son I've been sending out the strongest feelers [the 1 above is just 1 example] his direction but nothing has paid off yet....


Seems Sussanne's kept busy wid their baby Hridhaan, so its Daddy Cool's happy duty to keep their first son Hrehaan occupied. So the two head off together for burgers & basketball but end up having the most fun right at home. Hrehaan's got tappin' feet too & surprise surprise, all his favorites happen 2 b his daddy's numbers. Since a while now he's been pretty fixated on de Krazzy 4 title track - daddy's version, of course! And insists on being shown each & every step Riveting performed on screen. Now I'm insisting too, even if what it takes to get me there is a willingness to deliver soft drinks/ offer tissues/ handle a CD player, what ?