2008's Hottest Men

Published On: 2013-09-04

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2008's Hottest Men


Source: Rediff 

Date: December 17, 2008 


In the spotlight or on the field, these heartthrobs are always scorching. But this year, they really turned up the heat. PEOPLE India makes up a list of the hottest men in town. We take a look. 


'The way he carries himself makes a man sexy' 

He slayed hearts with his bare-chested sword play in Jodhaa Akbar and seduced with his kohl-lined green eyes. About his take on Mughal emperor Jalaluddin, Hrithik says, "He had to be sexy if we wanted youngsters to identify with him." 


Kind of like the man himself, who happily shares what others find hot about him. "My eyes, my body, my muscles, my voice and the way I talk." 


What works for him, however, is a little less obvious. "The way he carries himself makes a man sexy," says the suave actor, who confesses his personal style is laid-back. "If I left home without my wife noticing, I would wear the same jeans I had on yesterday and the first tee I could get my hands on. Maybe a cap so that I don't have to comb my hair." My Best Asset: "I like my left hand. I think it's the only hand I have without a double thumb and it looks normal."