Why Hrithik missed Filmfare awards this year?

Published On: 2013-09-22

Author: Subhash K. Jha

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Why Hrithik Roshan missed Filmfare awards this year?


Source: IndiaFM 

Date: March 4, 2009 


There has been a bit of a health scare at the Roshan's residence when on the evening of the Filmfare awards Hrithik's mom fell ill. But now Pinky Roshan is well on the way to recovery. Informs Hrithik, "She's well now. Everything will be fine in time. But she's okay now." 


Hrithik regrets missing out on getting his Filmfare award for Jodhaa Akbar. "It was a special film on many counts. It was my first historical and costume drama and I'm unlikely to do another of this for a long time. Jodhaa Akbar was radical departure from anything I've done so far. And I couldn't have asked for a better culmination after two years of grueling hard work." 


Alas, God had other plans. On the evening of the awards mom Pinky Roshan fell ill. Says Rakesh Roshan, "We were all getting ready for the Filmfare awards, looking forward to Hrithik bringing home another trophy when my wife complained of uneasiness. We couldn't take a risk because she has had a heart scare earlier." 


However, contrary to reports the first lady of the Roshan household didn't have to be rushed to a hospital. "It never came to that," says Rakesh Roshan. "We called the doctor home and Pinky's condition was under control after medication. Anything could've happened. That's why we decided to regretfully cancel our evening at the Filmfare awards. But I'm sure there will be many more occasions for Hrithik to get awards. And please pray that my entire family attends future Filmfare functions."