Hrithik back in action

Published On: 2013-09-25

Author: Kunal M Shah

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Hrithik back in action


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: 2 Apr 2009 


Despite a damaged knee, Hrithik Roshan is doing some breathtaking stunts for an ad film in South Africa Hrithik Roshan who has suffered severe knee injury and has undergone knee surgery twice, is back to doing action scenes. He has performed a difficult action sequence for an ad film in South Africa. 


Our well-placed source said, "Hrithik was hurt severely while shooting the action sequences for Krrish and the injury got aggravated during the patch work scenes of Jodhaa Akbar. Though Hrithik went for the surgery immediately after shooting for Jodha Akbar, he had to undergone another surgery later in LA. His well wishers from the industry were of the opinion that he should refrain from performing action sequences forever as he even found it difficult to dance. 


However, Hrithik seems to have tided over that phase of his life where he was refusing to do action scenes for fear of hurting his knee." Currently, he is shooting for some breathtaking actions sequences for an ad film for director Abhinay Deo in South Africa. Divulging details about the ad film, the source added, "The ad will be shot for around four days in South Africa. Ample care is being taken so that Hrithik's damaged knee does not give further trouble." 


What kind of stunts will Hrithik be doing "Apart from other regular stunts, Hrithik will be running and jumping from a great height. He is doing these stunts in spite of the doctors advising him not to. However the concept cannot be revealed at this point of time. Such stunts in an ad film have never seen before and it will also be one of the most expensive ads ever shot. Hrithik is doing action scenes after more than 18 months. Although the action is very taxing and difficult, Hrithik is enjoying himself to the hilt."