Anything for you, baby

Published On: 2013-09-27

Author: Vickey Lalwani

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Anything for you, baby


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: April 17, 2009 


Hrithik Roshan cheers up a young cancer patient by spending some time with her Now here’s an actor with a truly golden heart. Hrithik Roshan fulfilled the dying wish of Diandra Rozario, one of his youngest fans. Diandra, 5, has reached an advanced stage of cancer and expressed a strong desire to meet her favorite hero, Hrithik. So yesterday evening, the hero spent some time with Diandra at the Yash Raj Studios where he was shooting for a commercial. 


Anthony Rozario, Diandra’s father says, “We’re thankful to Hrithik. Diandra sat in his lap while he signed an autograph for her and presented her with chocolates.” Mijnnone, a family friend of the Rozarios who had accompanied Diandra tells Mumbai Mirror, “Diandra had stopped walking since the last four days, but when she saw Hrithik, she was so excited she walked a few steps. Hrithik gave her his mobile number and has invited her to his home. Diandra’s happiness had to be seen to be believed.”


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