Hrithik's Hero is his Didi

Published On: 2013-10-17

Author: Renuka Vyavahare

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Hrithik's Hero is his Didi


Source: Indiatimes

Date: 19 Jul, 2009


Hrithik Roshan is not media savvy and thus has barely spoken about at length about his family members. We always wondered if Hrithik was reserved but the truth is the superstar gets highly emotional when it comes to his loved ones and thus prefers not to talk about them much, however in one of his recent interviews Duggu pour his heart out when it came to describing his sister Sunaina who he considers as his true hero.


Sunaina told us, “I am on the cover of this woman’s magazine and during my photo shoot Duggu himself dropped in for ten minutes and checked on the lights et all. When the issue was out, he read my interview and said Didi, you’ve moved me to tears.”


Hrithik is heard to have said about Sunaina, “I call her Didi. She's one of the most beautiful human beings on this planet. I don't say it often but I love her more than anyone... The way she struggles, the way she triumphs. She overcomes everything with a smile. She's an example of love, purity and beauty. If there is anybody in the world who deserves to be happy and free, it's her! She is a fighter. She has fought death and has come out stronger and brighter. She is a HERO in the true sense of the term. I can't even fathom what it must be like to overcome one battle and then realise that there's another one...another one... I sometimes feel very angry because she has had to go through so much... But maybe God puts her through all this pain so that she can be an inspiration for us. I wish her luck and joy for the rest of her life. And I wish all her battles are over and life is beautiful. I love you, Didi.”


Sunaina had has to deal with a failed marriage and is now a single parent but her fighting spirit is what is heroic according to Hrithik. We couldn’t agree more with you Hrithik. We salute this wonderful bro-sis pair.


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