Hrithik's sensitive side

Published On: 2013-10-21

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Hrithik's sensitive side

Source: TNN

Date: 17 August 2009


The actor who has been supporting several causes recently had a life-changing experience while preparing for his role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish.


Hrithik is playing a paraplegic in the film. “The sensitive person that he is, the intensive study and frequent interactions with persons suffering from the disorder has moved Hrithik to a great extent. Pledging his solidarity to the cause, Hrithik has decided to help the affected persons monetarily as well as through any other means possible,” says a source. Now here’s an actor who listens to his heart.



Hrithik Roshan is feeling very charitable!

By: Rachana Trivedi

Date: August 17th, 2009



Hrithik Roshan is all in for charity these days, and he has recently come up with a foundation that he is personally involved with. This charity foundation is for handicap people who find it difficult to face the world.


“This is a charity foundation and it’s something that I wanted to do since a very long time. I have the power; God has given me a little extra, thus I am trying to do what I can from my side,” says Hrithik.

Not many people know that Hrithik himself had a stammering problem, but at that point there were only a few people to help him. “This is where I am trying to involve my self personally, and help people to cope up with the stress and pressure from the outside world,” he adds.


What message do you want to give through this foundation? “I want to convey to people that there is no harm in talking about your shortcomings. It doesn’t make you look ugly, as one should accept the fact and try to over come it. I did overcome my speech impediment and I am proud about the gift, which is given to me by God. I will see and try to help others too,” he concludes.


On the show Tere Mere Beach Main, Farah gave a cheque of Rupees1 lakh for the charity foundation of Hrithik. Well this is why they say charity begins at home. Great going Jr. Roshan!