Kaho na Star Hai...

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Aasheesh Sharma

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'Hrithik's charm still lures'


Source: Hindustan Times
By: Aasheesh Sharma


Hrithik's rhythm: All that jazz served hot 

Honda's hero, pin-up boy and teen hearthrob Hrithik Roshan may not have had a hit since K3G, but for the star-starved masses in the city, the lithe actor still spells charisma. And he uses it to good effect.
In town for the launch of Karizma, Hero Honda's 223-cc mobike, Hrithik raved about the machine to a packed audience at the Taj Palace on Thursday evening. “It is the best piece of machinery ever made in India.” He went on to croon out a jingle about the brand, emerged out of a waterfall on the bike, riding pillion with Hero Honda Motors managing director Pawan Munjal, and declared that the only bike he’d ever ride was the latest from the two-wheeler giant.

Later, Hrithik would shake his pelvis with such abandon that the city’s swish set would be treated to a rare sight: Munjal, the business honcho matching step with Hrithik the swashbuckler to the tune of uncle Rajesh Roshan’s Kaho Na Pyar Hai.

Although the trained actor has vroomed off on mobikes on the celluloid, in real life, he is not enamoured by the James Dean or Marlon Brando persona. “I’ve never liked dangling a cigarette or sporting a white T-shirt, tight jeans and leather jacket. In real life, I am much more casual.” Well, Hrithik may have Brando’s biceps but gelled back hair? Doesn’t really gel!

So, now that he’s declared his love for Karizma, launched a thousand mobikes and warmed the hearts of Hero Honda dealers from Chandigarh to Chowringhee with his gyrations, what will the brand ambassador wear while riding his machine? “A helmet for sure,” he says. And adds, “I simply loved the machine in the TV commercial but man, the acceleration is exhilarating.” There he goes again Mr Munjal! Kaho Na Star Hai!