Hrithik mil gaya

Published On: 2012-01-02

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Hrithik mil gaya

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: January 4, 2010


Urchins had a field day when they realised that Hrithik Roshan was stuck in an endless traffic jam on Tuesday afternoon


While no one will have a good word to say about Mumbai's traffic jams, urchins would beg to differ especially after what happened on Tuesday afternoon.


In a classic case of reel life meeting real life, Hrithik Roshan almost reenacted one of his most endearing scenes from Luck By Chance. The only difference was that while his character in the film Zafar Khan, a prominent Bollywood actor, initially ignores urchins and gradually starts making faces to entertain them from inside his car, Hrithik readily interacted with urchins while being stuck in a traffic jam for nearly 20 minutes a stone's throw away from the Andheri (East-West) flyover day before yesterday.


It all started with a swanky white Mercedes (MH02-AU-3663) crawling through the packed road when suddenly the traffic stopped moving altogether. A street child reached the sleek car hoping to get some money but she soon realised that she couldn't see the interiors of the car through the pitch-black windows. What started as a simple plea to get some money almost turned into a quest with a few urchins gathering around the car out of sheer curiosity. One of them suddenly ran to peek inside the car through the windshield following which there was a huge commotion. It soon became clear who it was when the urchins excitedly said, 'Hrithik hai gaadi mein'.


The large group of children soon gathered in front of the car and waved out to Hrithik from where they could clearly see him as he was seated in the front passenger seat. Their enthusiastic reactions made it amply clear that he too was waving back. This continued for another five minutes before the traffic started moving and the children moved away reluctantly.


Who says traffic jams are bad.