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Published On: 2012-05-16

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Hrithik, camera shy and making waves

NEW DELHI: HYDERABAD He's the latest happy guy sporting a big fat yellow smiley. Of late people have been calling him Prem...Yeah that's heartthrob Hrithik.

If Hrithik's stunning freaky moves and uska chaal and dhang makes you sing ''my heart is beating'' here's a little secret- Hrithik is a very shy person so shy that his sister had to call the barber for his haircut when they were little kids. Hrithik is so shy that standing against a crowd of even ten strangers, makes him shy away like the 'touch me not'. And the best part is Hrithik agrees to the fact that he is shy, ''I am an extremely shy person. As a kid I used to stay away from friends and my best friends were probably my family members. And the latest member to my list of best friends is Suzzane,'' says the actor

That's Hrithik in real life. The star was in town for the promotion of his latest movie, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Despite his busy shooting schedule Hrithik had no sign of sleeplessness and tiredness. Back from Ladakh from the location of Lakshya, Hrithik seemed all game for the promos of MPKDH. 

''It's been Kanpur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and now and then Ladakh and now I am in Hyderabad. I do not complain of the schedules that's because our line of work demands this but what I am sorry about is that I hardly get time to spend with my wife. It's her who always manages herself to the sets and shooting schedules. She does all that she can to be with me,'' he smiles. 

Dressed in a pair spotless trousers and a kurti-shirt, Hrithik just looked dressed for the occasion. Ask him who his designer is, Hrithik gives all credit to Suzzane. ''She dresses me up,'' he says. ''She does all my shopping. I am very bad with clothes and have no idea what to wear where. Suzzane is my personal wardrobe consultant. Like this black bracelet around my wrist. It's a part of my dressing, Suzzane said and I am wearing it,'' says the hero.

Does that mean poor Suzzane has got no advisor for herself, ''Although I am not good at shopping but I can do tell what would look good on Suzzane. I can assist her in her shopping but personally I would like to dress the way she wants me to,'' says the hero. 

He takes pride in saying that Suzzane spoilt him and he gets to share his fan mail with her. And for all this, once he takes a break Hrithik is planning to go on a wife-spoiling spree. Now that's some planning!