Hrithik, Katrina's spicy shoot!

Published On: 2013-11-29

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Hrithik, Katrina's spicy shoot!

Source: India Today

Date: February 24, 2010



About five months ago, the Harper's Bazaar team began to plan the first anniversary issue and chose to celebrate the style of Bollywood, the biggest influence on fashion in India. The team soon realised it could not be just one person. It had to be a couple. It was a virtually unanimous decision that the most stylish man in Bollywood was Hrithik Roshan, and the most fashionable woman-Katrina Kaif. Of course, the fact that they are among the highest paid stars in Bollywood, with brands bombarding them for endorsements, as well super successful actors didn't hurt either. Bazaar India was sure they would make a very sexy and chic duo; in fact, it seemed strange that they hadn't worked together in a movie yet. So, here are the two hot looking actors of Bollywood in one frame!


Hrithik: Hot dude of Bollywood

It has been almost a decade since Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai hit the screens and marked the birth of a new Bollywood superstar-Hrithik Roshan, who immediately broke millions of hearts by marrying Sussanne Khan. From the beginning, he established his calibre. He set hearts fluttering with his looks, won respect for his acting, wowed us with his dancing, and kept us surprised with his chameleon-like quality, changing his look from the child-man in Koi… Mil Gaya to sexy street-chic in Dhoom 2 (a film he describes as "fashion school"). "My job allows me to live the many people inside me," he says.


Style, marriage and more!

Katrina admits to looking forward to marriage - "I see it as a completion," she says. Until then, she seems set to continue her reign as one of the most beautiful women Bollywood has ever seen, one who has consistently been voted India's sexiest woman by leading lad mags. Her vote for India's most stylish male star is shared between Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan. At the Bazaar shoot, her on-screen chemistry with Hrithik was clear to see. And you can believe that when they get cast together (as is rumoured will happen soon), the tabloids will jump to conclusions.


On the Brand-wagon

Labels don't matter for Katrina, neither does jewellery; the only thing she looks for is fabric and cut. As for personal style, she is frank that hers has two facets - the actor and the girl-at-home. While the actor's red carpet look is all out glamour in classic, elegant dresses, the girl-at-home would rather lounge around in track pants. Roshan is very particular about what he wears - but then, he is a self-confessed perfectionist. "I can tell immediately if something is going to work on me or not," he says, picking Emporio Armani and Diesel as his favourite labels. While he's almost relaxed when it comes to red-carpet dressing, surrendering himself to the hands of the experts - his designers and wife Sussanne - he works closely with stylists for his look in a movie.


The wow factor

It was a decision that generated an enormous amount of buzz, in both Bollywood and the fashion industry. "They are the brightest beacons for style in Bollywood," said young director of the moment Zoya Akhtar, who worked with Roshan in Luck by Chance. "They would make a beautiful duo," observed Suneet Varma, who has dressed Hrithik in the soon-to-be-released film Kites and worked with Katrina when she was a Lakme model. "They are an unexpected pair, and there is no doubt that the imagery would have that wow factor. They both are among best-dressed in Bollywood," JJ Valaya exclaimed. Prasad Naik, who shot the two for Bazaar and has worked with both over the years, was equally enthusiastic when we approached him, responding that this would be a cover he would just have to shoot.