Healing touch

Published On: 2013-11-30

Author: Vickey Lalwani

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Healing touch

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: March 03, 2010


Moved by the plight of paraplegics, Hrithik Roshan is paying for the medical treatment of ten patients in Mumbai


Getting into the skin of the character for a film can really change an actor’s outlook towards life. That’s exactly what happened to Hrithik Roshan while researching for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish in which he plays a paraplegic.


After interacting with people affected with paraplegia in a couple of hospitals in western and central suburbs- to get his body language right for the role - Hrithik decided he had to extend a real helping hand.


We hear that the actor is personally bearing the complete medical treatment of 10 paraplegics from different city hospitals, including the cost of hospitalisation and medicines. “This is costing him about Rs 7 lakh per month,” says a source.


What made Hrithik take this up? “Actually, Hrithik was quite moved ever since he started interacting with paraplegics, but he was shaken when he met some very young people who were helpless due to paraplegia,” explains the source.


When contacted, Rakesh Roshan confirmed the story.