Published On: 2013-12-01

Author: Vickey Lalwani

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Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: March 03, 2010



Fans from Rajasthan gathered outside Hrithik’s residence to catch a glimpse of their favourite star on Holi on Monday


On Monday, Hrithik Roshan’s fans brought traffic to a standstill in an attempt to get a glimpse of their favourite star.


The drama unfolded at 1.30 pm, when around 30 Holi revellers gathered outside Hrithik’s Juhu residence, Pallazio. They claimed to have especially come all the way from Rajasthan and requested the security guard to let them meet the actor. They called out Hrithik’s name and started singing his songs. When their efforts failed to attract attention, some even tried to forcefully enter his residence but in vain.


Around 3pm, Hrithik came to the balcony and waved out to the euphoric fans who repeatedly started screaming, ‘Krrish’. The actor good-naturedly gestured to ask if he should swoop down like Krrish to meet them.


When asked if they would show the same enthusiasm to meet any other actor, they said, “Nahin. Hrithik hamara bhagwan hai. Aaj darshan ho gaye.” When asked what’s so special about Hrithik, they replied, “Uska dance pagal kar deta hai aadmi ko,” and some of them started dancing like Hrithik in the song, It’s magic, it’s magic from Koi Mil Gaya.