Hrithik Roshan looks to explore Dubai

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Davina Raisinghani

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Hrithik Roshan looks to explore Dubai

Source: Khaleej Times

Date: April 1, 2010

By: Davina Raisinghani



After waiting for what proved to be an excruciating amount of time for some, Hrithik Roshan's local fans were finally treated to a brief chat session with the Indian actor last night at the Zee Dubai Mega Mela.


Despite his crowded itinerary, Roshan, who landed in the city late last evening, claimed that he was quite excited for the three-day opportunity to interact with his Middle Eastern fan base.

‘It’s been a very hectic day so far - I got roughly five hours of sleep last night, have been up since eight talking on radio stations in Delhi and then got on a flight here,’ noted the actor when we caught up with him at his hotel, prior to him setting of for the Amphitheatre at Dubai Media City.

‘It’s time for a workout now, then some quick meetings, followed by sleep. Tomorrow and day after, I look forward to exploring the city and the Mela,’ further enthused Roshan.

The actor will be putting in several appearances during the length of the Zee Dubai Mega Mela, inclusive of his strut down the Fashion Catwalk, which only VIP ticket holders will have access to, and a session at the Moulinex Chef’s Theatre later today.

On a more grave note, Roshan commented on the recent passing away of Shaikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan - a news which he had received on his way here; ‘I just learnt about the tragic loss. I‘m completely shocked by the news. My condolences to the family. It’s just a tragic reminder to us all that we must treasure what we have and spread love.’

‘That’s what I’m here for - to give and receive a little love from my fans. Hopefully, we’ll all go back with smiles,’ added the actor.