Neetu Kapoor makes you want to sing

Published On: 2012-05-19

Author: unknown

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Neetu Kapoor makes you want to sing.


Neetu Kapoor just makes you gawk. She still looks so good that you wish some producer would snap her up and make her act in a mature love story kind of film. But till that happens, Mumbaikars are lucky to get a glimpse of her once in a while as she attends some function or the other. The other day she was there at the opening of a new restaurant at a suburban five star hotel looking absolutely smashing in white. 


Of course she was accompanied by husband Rishi and brother-in-law Randhir. But it was great to watch her with Hrithik. Both Rishi and Neetu have been best pals with Rakesh Roshan and wife Pinky from the time they had all started out in films. Naturally their kids too have been great pals and for Neetu, Hrithik must be almost as dear to her as her own son Ranabir.