Hrithik's flying high, again!

Published On: 2013-12-29

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Hrithik's flying high, again!

Source: TOI

Date: June 1, 2010


His groovy moves with lightning feet and sinuous body in Kites might not have got him the appreciation Hrithik Roshan so desperately wanted, but there was no denying the actor-dancer his due when he stepped on stage at a Shiamak Davar show last Sunday at a popular Matunga auditorium.


Actually, Hrithik was in training with Shiamak — that lord of contemporary dance, for an awards event being held at Colombo, and he casually dropped in at the end of Shiamak's show to say ‘hello’ to dancers of ages ranging for six to 76. There was a hush of disbelief when he walked on stage, dressed in tracks, tee and with a baseball cap covering his head, but then came the thunderous applause from all three levels of the old auditorium.


Not since the last Filmfare Awards was held here has the foundations and roof of the auditorium rocked to such a racket. Clearly pleased with the reception, Hrithik stood there for an emotional moment, not knowing what to say... then stammered a few words of thanks, admitted that what he was on screen was because of what Shiamak made him do in rehearsals, and finally sat down to watch special children in wheelchairs perform to an upbeat number.


At the end, he leaped on stage and hugged a young girl who struggled for words but expressed herself beautifully with dance movements out of a wheelchair. So what if his film flopped, this interaction with these kids gave Hrithik Roshan the wind his wings needed to soar high again.