Best of 2009: Magazine Photo Shoots

Published On: 2014-01-08

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Best of 2009: Magazine Photo Shoots


Source: Asia Pacific Arts 


Always appreciative of fashion, photography (and, of course, the superstars subjects that bring out the two art forms), APA counts down our favorite photo spreads of 2009. Hrithik Roshan, GQ India, September 2009 It's a given that Roshan is photogenic. 


And when he's not moving or dancing? Yes, he still exudes that charisma. In fact, he smolders in this photo shoot of a cool, subdued yet intense palette, and hard edges and lines sculpted to perfection; much like Roshan and his work ethic. But these words pale in comparison with this female voiceover's highly detailed descriptions of the photo shoot and Roshan's hotness. Link to images: